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Hello everyone, 👋 It has been a long process and in that time the Lost City Development and Administration Team has put a lot of hard work and effort into creating a well-optimized and smooth-running server for everyone to play and enjoy. We have tons of new MLOs, Scripts, new Mapping, and tons of activities for everybody to enjoy with the Beta coming up for everyone. Below we will talk a bit more about what we have in store for everybody. Mapping & Environment — Ahh, the Mapping and Environment of Lost City, here at Los City we have put a lot of time and effort into adding tons of great mapping and environmental modifications around the server to get that Los Angeles feel for our players and we spent extra time cracking down on optimization to give the server a smooth feel while still being able to enjoy the mapping provided for you all. Within our server, there are tons of real stores, food places, and getaways where everyone can enjoy themselves and roleplay. ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Clothing Pack — Now, the Clothing Pack. This is what people are here to see, we have a brand new updated clothing pack thanks to our designer team, and a big thanks to @Notjefe for getting everything constructed, we have tons of new clothing for males and females and we want to make sure everything is up to date clothing wise for our players both male and female and we have done that for everybody here by creating an all new clothing pack for you all, can't wait to see everybody get in-game and enjoy the newly added clothing. ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Activities — The activities, with the launch of the beta we wanted to make sure everybody had things they could do within the server and not just stand around bored, so we have taken the initiative to add tons of activated and places for people to go around the map and Los Angelas, on the map itself you will find blimps of different activities around the map where you and your friends can enjoy and take advantage of. There are tons of new activities within Lost City. ᅠᅠᅠᅠ Phone — The all-new feature-packed LBP hone is officially in Lost City and we have the latest version inputted into the server, with this phone you have tons of features and little things you can do to add multi-realism to your roleplay, and this phone has regular updates so be ready to enjoy those updates with us as this phone is now in the server. ᅠᅠ Jobs — Jobs, we have tons of newly scripted jobs, such as the Police, and EMS, along with the Mechanic, and tons more to see within the server. We have added tons of MLOs within the server that creates tons of jobs and business opportunities for our players and we also have regular jobs you can go and assign yourself to at the City Hall building located in the Central City of Los Angeles. Before we move on to our staff update, which includes new faces and promotions. The following individuals have been added to the staff team, and we are looking forward to their contributions. Join us in welcoming new faces to the Tester Team and some new faces to the Admin Team; New Lead Admins New Admins New Testers @Gawdly @Notjefe @STEEZO @PrettyLV @WB @Tay @WaadeyBo This is just a quick little update for everybody once again the server will be dropping on Friday the 3rd of February and we will be doing our Open Beta for everybody to come to play, and enjoy the server. We can't wait to see everybody there and come enjoy this path and journey with us, Have a good rest of your day/night 👏.