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In-Game Guidelines

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In-game Guidelines

1. Common Courtesy

While out of character, all players should treat each other with respect. There is no need to be hurtful, abusive, or discriminate against someone within the community. Treat staff members with respect. It is important to have patience when communicating with staff members as they may be busy handling multiple matters at once.

You must roleplay at all times. You cannot break the server rules just because someone else has or is. Regarding that, you cannot disrupt, stall or void roleplay situations unless an administrator tells you to. Abruptly ending a roleplay scene or leaving the server in the middle of a scene also violates this rule. If you are in the middle of a roleplay situation and another player is attempting to disrupt or stall the roleplay, you may ignore them. If an administrator is attempting to contact you, you must respond. Failure to reply to an administrator may result in you getting punished.

In Lost City (in-game, forums, Discord, TeamSpeak or any other of our services), admin instructions are final, whether they are stated in the rules or not — they should be accepted and followed at all times. If you come across a bug on any of our services, you are required to report it. Exploiting bugs is prohibited and will get you permanently banned. It is your obligation to report rule-breakers as well.

  • Insulting another player through Out of Character chat or any form of chat (e.g., Forums, Discord, etc..);
  • Disregarding an administrator's decision or ignoring their messages;
  • Being Away From Keyboard during a roleplay situation;
  • Failing to roleplay a car crash, unless it was caused by desync (contact an admin through /report to void a car crash if both parties agree);
  • Renting a vehicle to go shoot at someone in.
  • Leaving the server during an active situation, you must wait until the situation has concluded and that an ample amount of time has passed;
  • Taking advantage of an Out of Character issue, giving yourself an advantage in an In Character issue situation
All players must remain in character unless an administrator says otherwise. Players may not void any roleplay or any situations. As well you must follow the Twitch Terms of Service.
Punishment(s): Verbal warning, admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban.

2. Metagaming

Metagaming is defined as using out of character information in character. Inciting someone else to metagame is against this rule. Using Discord, Skype, or any other external programs to communicate with others while in-game is forbidden.

  • Jonathan reads something from his Twitch chat and role plays knowing about that situation.
  • Karen is on Discord with her friends Audrey, and Eddie. She communicates to them that she's being attacked by someone. Eddie and Audrey show up to Karen's location.
  • Oscar stream snipes Kenneth, stream sniping is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
Punishment(s): Admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban.

3. Powergaming

Powergaming can be defined as performing acts that are not human-like; forcing roleplay on others without giving them a fair chance; making up things which did not happen so that you can benefit; roleplaying things which are not possible script-wise so that you can gain an unfair advantage.

  • Actively organizing people or giving orders while you're down. You should only be roleplaying your injuries or with the Police Department /Fire Department when downed.
  • Sprinting and fighting as soon as you leave the hospital or revived by medics.
  • Roleplaying an item is on you when you don't have it script wise.
  • Entering a vehicle and stealing all items without roleplay.
  • Scrolling large weapons (i.e.: Rifles, Shotguns, etc.)
Punishment(s): Admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban.

4. Deathmatching

Killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason (deathmatching) is not allowed. Unnecessary provoking falls under this rule as well. Terrorism is strictly forbidden. This also includes revenge killing — when you respawn after being executed and then kill (or at least attempt to) the person who has just murdered you. Your in-character memory is wiped off everything that led up to your death when you are killed, so you should forget about your attacker.

  • Jonathan has killed you over a legitimate in character reason and you respawned without being saved by the Police Department/Fire Department so you get a gun from your house and go back and kill him.
  • Karen spits on your shoes so you withdraw your firearm and shoot them for it.
  • You provoke a fist fight with two people who are unarmed and then you pull your firearm out and kill them.
  • Players cannot provoke a situation or another player without valid reasons behind it.
Punishment(s): Admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban.

5. Robbing and Scamming

Robbing is defined as taking someone's possessions (money/items, etc.) by force or threat of force. Scamming is defined as offering a good or service and then refusing to pay or give it. Robberies and scams must be strictly done in character.
  • Players are unable to force other players to withdraw money from an automated teller.
  • Players are unable to force another player to sell them their vehicle via script commands during a robbery.
  • Players are unable to force other players to hand over assets that aren't present in the area.
  • Players may not scam vehicles or properties.
  • Players may scam for a maximum amount of $30,000 and nothing greater.
  • Players may not rob items from the Police Department and Fire Department.
  • Players can't commit a robbery while operating a luxury, high-end, or sports car.
  • Players are able to rob all of the cash you are carrying on your persona. Avoid walking around with twenty thousand dollars unless you don't care about losing it.
  • A group who splits up shouldn't be hitting a house in 4 different areas of the map to try and spread police out just so they can succeed.
  • When telling a player to put their hands up, it should be for the sole purpose of robbing them; telling a player to put their hands up to kill them is prohibited.
  • Police officers ranked 1 - 3 can accept bribes for Non-Violent Crimes only. High Command Police officers are not allowed to any form of corruption. Officers can only accept three (3) bribes per week, any officer seen accepting more will be dealt with punishment.
  • You may not kill someone during a robbery unless they bring it upon themselves.
  • Committing chain robberies, or more than 2 robberies in an hour is strictly prohibited.
Punishment(s): Verbal warning, admin jail or temporary ban.

6. Character Regulations

Character names must not include the following; real names (i.e.: yours or other community members), gag/troll names (i.e.: Ben Dover), racism, sexism, or homophobia. Names also may not be celebrity names. Each character must be a new beginning refrain from giving characters similar names or family names and roleplaying relatives.

Characters must be realistic when using the character customization. A game admin may ask you to change your character's appearance if they deem it is unfit for the server or not realistic. Obstruction of a character's face may only be done with valid in-character reason and through in-character means. All characters must be at a minimum of 16 years of age.

  • Setting your character's model to the alien.
  • Dressing your character to have invisible body parts or glitches.
  • Wearing job clothing when you're not a part of said job (i.e: wearing a police vest).
Punishment(s): Verbal warning, admin jail or temporary ban.

7. Abuse of Game Physics

Grand Theft Auto V physics and movements in-game are hardcoded and cannot be changed via scripting so the following is forbidden to avoid non-roleplay situations:
  • Bunnyhopping (I.e.: jumping while running around to gain speed in a situation)
  • Spam Punching (I.e.: spam clicking mouse 1 in a fight and not giving someone a chance to react).
  • Combat Rolling (I.e. rolling in a shootout, etc.)
  • Olympic Swimming (I.e.: swimming without roleplay any exhaustion)
  • Drive By as Driver (I.e.: shooting from the driver seat)
  • Abuse of jobs (I.e.: spawning a job vehicle to evade police, etc.)
  • Unrealistic driving (I.e.: Stunt jumps, etc.)
Punishment(s): Admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban

8. Third Party Modifications & Software

Third party modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players are prohibited. Client side modding to give an advantage is also considered a breach of the rule.
  • Any modification or equipment that provides a user a crosshair is strictly prohibited. The utilization of crosshairs coming from monitors is prohibited.
  • Any program or modification that widens the player's field of view, granting them an unfair advantage, is prohibited. Programs or modifications such as widescreen fix fall under this rule.
  • Keybinds, hotkeys, or macros that influence roleplay or responses, giving the player an advantage over other players, are prohibited. Programs such as AutoHotkey or the FiveM built-in keybinding system are to not be used for roleplay responses or actions.
Punishment(s): Temporary ban or Permanent ban.

9. Safezones

Safe zones are defined as a no crime zone where player(s) may not commit any crimes. If the player you're attacking flees to a safezone then the roleplay is allowed to continue. You shouldn't be waiting outside the safezone to commit a crime, and admins may allow player(s) to commit crimes in safe zones. The following locations that are listed below are covered;
  • Spawn Points (i.e.: LAX, Crenshaw Train Station, Pillbox Train Station, etc.)
  • All Government Buildings (Police Department, Fire Department, City, etc.)
  • Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  • Character Customization (i.e.: Considering you're already inside.)
  • Banks (Unless you're performing a bank robbery which was approved.)
  • Ammunations
  • Dealership
  • Mechanic Shops
  • The Diamond Casino & Resort
  • Beverly Hill Church
Punishment(s): Verbal warning, admin jail or temporary ban.

10. New Life Rule

If you're downed and respawn at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being down in the current scenario and past events. A player may not return to the area of their death for at least 15 minutes or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players.

The new life rule only pertains to characters who can AFFORD healthcare and are reached by medical staff within the allotted bleed out time. If you cannot afford to check into the hospital, your character is thus wiped and you must start fresh. Other characters can not come back with vengeance against players who killed your previous characters, treat every character as their own separate entity.
  • Player A is killed in a robbery by Player B. The knowledge of the robbery, the specific memory of the moments leading up to their death aren't to be remembered.
  • Player A gets killed during a confrontation with Player B. Player A respawns and continues going on about the same situation and remembering Player B. This is strictly prohibited.
Punishment(s): Admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban.

11. Valuing Life

All players must value their character's life. You have one life, outside of glitches or irregular deaths (dying to cars randomly spawning on you or things that were outside your means of preventing). Treat said life with the utmost care. No matter the reason as to why you died, once you are dead that character and all its possessions are wiped and you have to start fresh.
  • Treat your character as you would treat yourself. If someone has a gun to your head you would most likely comply and put your hands up.
  • If someone has a hostage during a situation, you must value the hostage's life and you would want the safety of the hostage.
  • When driving a vehicle, you must value your character's life. Deaths caused by reckless driving fit within the one life rule.
  • If you feel like your death was unfair or reasonable, file a player report and admins will look into and give you a verdict.
Punishment(s): Admin jail, temporary ban or permanent ban.

12. Obscene Roleplay

The purpose of this rule is to allow the player comfortability when playing while still allowing character development and freedom throughout the roleplay. The roleplay that falls under this rule is considered "Obscene Roleplay". This rule does not apply to every roleplay scene that may offend a player.
Obscene Roleplay scenes must be conducted away from other players or areas where players are likely to cross. If a player feels uncomfortable at any time while conducting obscene roleplay scenarios, that player can opt-out of the roleplay and deem such roleplay voided; this will end any future continuance of the roleplay scene. In the case that such obscene roleplay is to occur, every roleplaying party must agree to continue the roleplay with Out of Character consent through local Out of Character chat.

Obscene Roleplay includes the following:
  • Sexual or exotic roleplay
  • Torture or dismemberment of a person's character
  • Gore described roleplay scenes that can potentially cause a player to be uncomfortable
You may not roleplay the following;
  • Rape or nonconsensual touching are strictly prohibited whether all parties agree or not.
  • Pedophilia is strictly prohibited.
  • Perform acts of erotic or obscene roleplay with individuals who are not of age.
Punishment(s): Temporary ban or permanent ban.

13. Real World Trading

Real World Trading is defined as trading or buying in-game items for out of game currency.

  • Purchasing in-character property (weapons, house, business, vehicle, etc..) for real life currency (e.g., USD, EURO, BTC, DOGE, etc.).
  • Selling in-character property for real life currency.
Punishment(s): Permanent ban

14. Properties and Furniture

You may not purposely destroy or damage another player's vehicle without proper reasoning.

Destruction of another player's property is allowed under supervision from an (admin or LA); such destruction will render a property unusable for 24 hours. The destruction of the property only applies to real estates such as apartments, houses, and businesses; contents within that property will also be removed/wiped (e.g., items in storage and furniture).

You may not extend out of your property's original interior, bugging yourself out of the map, causing the potential for exploitation. You may not abuse the furniture system to block entrances to doorways or accessibility to objects (e.g., house safe/storage), granting you an advantage over other players due to your ownership. Having "secret rooms" that are not visibly accessible are prohibited (e.g., A wall in which you can walk through that leads to a secret room).
Punishment(s): Anything from your house furniture being wiped, loss of property, admin jailed, or account banned depending on severity on a case-by-case basis.
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